Komori L-1026 P EH

Офсетная печатная машина

Цвет: 10
Формат: 42 x 62
Год производства: 2005
печать номера: 190
Спецификаций: KOMORI L-1026 P EH
Year 2005
10 color with perfector (5+5/ 10+0)
Sheet size 620 x 421 mm (A2+) with perfector
ca. 190 mill impression (10.10.2014)

Equipped with:
Desktop PQC-S (Printing quality control, ultrasonic control of double sheets with remote register control, remote ink control, remote damp control)
KMS-IV with touch monitor
Data converter CIP3 PCC ver. 2.2
S-APC - semi-automatic plate changes
Sheet decurler
Ink temperature control
KOMORIMATIC damping system
All automatic wash up devices (ink rollers, blanket and impression cylinders)
WEKO AP232 powder spryer
High pile delivery (pile high 1100 mm)
Ultrasonic double sheet control
Chromed impression cylinders
Chromed plate cylinders
Double diameter Impression cylinders
Double diameter transfer cylinders
Perfecting unit (wit 3 double diameter cylinders)
Anti-adhesive jackets on the impression cylinders after perfection
Steel plate on feeder and delivery
Ionizing device on feeder and delivery
Cardboard device

The machine is still in production and could be tested (print mostly: newspapers, catalogues, guides, leaflets, etc.)
Serviced by authorized Komori service
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L-1026 P EH