Colour: 5
Format: 21 x 89
Year of Manufacture: 1990
Print Numbers:
Specifications: NILPETER B200 AGE 1990
B200 5 UNITS Buchdruckwerke / 1 Flexowerk / Rota+Flachstanzung
Technical Information

Label making and printing machine Nilpeter B200?6, Production date: July 1999, Technical parameters: material width max: 222 mm, printing width max: 210 mm, gearing 1/8?, printing cylinders 60?120 teeth, varnish cylinders 55?103 teeth, hot foil stamping 44?101 teeth, rotary cutting die 60?120 teeth, flat bed cutting 82,55?190,50 mm, fotopolymer for letterpress 0,8 mm with adhesive tape 0,38 mm, flexographical fotopolymer 1,7 mm with compressible tape 0,38 mm, max. unwind diameter 890 mm, rewind diameter 700 mm, matrix diameter 700 mm.


material controlling unit with edge and tension control, 5flexo +1 letterpress units and UV flexo varnishing, possibility of printing 1 color to adhesive or backside, turnbar after 1 printing unit, hot foil printing after 5th letterpress, rotary cutting, flat bed diecutting, matrix rewinder, slitting and exhausting of backing paper, pneumatical tension control.
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