Heidelberg Cd 102-5-LX 1995

No longer available

Heidelberg Cd 102-5-LX 1995



Steel plate on feeder and delivery with ramp (for plastic or wooden pallets)

- Stream feeder with belt  

- Electronic double sheet detection

- Electromechanic double sheet detection

- Electronic side lay control,  fotoelectronic and akustic

- Anti-static on feeder and delivery

- Alcolor continuous dampening system with Technotrans's alcohol metering; cooling and re-circulation unit system

- Preset (autom. paper size and thickness setting) 

- CPTronic, CPC1.04 control and diagnosis; self diagnostic; Remote inking; dampening; axial, circumferential and diagonal register control with light pen; 

  day light illuminator and cassette or memory card for job memories)

- Programmable automatic blanket cylinders wash up  

- Programmable automatic impression cylinders wash up 

- Programmable automatic rollers wash up 

- Autoplate (semi automatic plate loader) with Bacher Control 2000 register system

- Plate cocking (diagonal register control) 

- Ink temperature control system Technotrans  (air cooled system)

- Impressions cylinders chromed

- Powder sprayer

- IR (Infra red) - Dryer

- High pile delivery

- Tower coater conventional

- Automatic sheet de-curler

- Extended delivery

- Oil drip pan, Tools, Documentations

- Complete with all standard parts and accessories

- plate punch and bende


ModelCd 102-5-LX
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