Welcome to Balancegraph GmbH, printing machines from Switzerland!

Balance GmbH was established in 1990. We source used printing and binding machines in Switzerland and supply them to customers throughout the world. The Swiss, like the Scandinavians, are well-known for their attention to detail and the meticulous way they operate and maintain their equipment. Swiss printers and consumers accept only the highest standards of printing: machines are kept clean and any technical problems are normally quickly rectified. What's more, being a small country divided into several language groups, print runs are normally quite short, so our machines tend to have lower impression counts than the European or North American average.

Operating in international area ; Balance GMBH which is also known as Balance Graph and Balance Switzerland, is not only operating in Switzerland and neighbourhood countries, but also anywhere in the world. We work in the international area, so in our machine database which holds the list of the used printing machinery and equipment , our customers can find any kind of used printing machines from anywhere in the world.

Exceptional quality at excellent price! The quality of our press and binding machines is ensured by our technicians (all ex-Heidelberg staff ). We offer a full range of technical services, including dismantling and reinstallation of machines, dry-ice (cryogenic) cleaning, repairing, servicing. Machines for export are carefully protected against rust and secured safely in containers to ensure that they arrive with you, our customers, in top condition.

Our customers are our partners: we aim not at just a single sale but at building up a relationship of trust and co-operation which will bring you back to us for all your future needs. We are experts in all matters relating to the export of machinery, including shipping, insurance and re-installation of your machines in all parts of the World. We can also help you with financing facilities from Switzerland. Our main business is the supply of used offset machines from all the main manufacturers, including HEIDELBERG, ROLAND, KBA, KOMORI, MILLER, MITSUBISHI, RYOBI and ADAST, but we can also supply Heidelberg cylinders and platens and cutting machines such as Polar, Schneider, and Wohlenberg.

Through the leadership in the used printing machinery market ; our main objective is to be the leader of the second hand printing machines market. At the moment, Balance GMBH is one of the most trusted and well known dealers in the world, satisfaction of our customers and our strong belief to be the best will provide the leadership