KBA Rapida 105-4+L Universal PWVA

No longer available

KBA Rapida 105-4+L Universal PWVA


KBA Rapida 105-4+L Universal PWVA

Year 2006

Max Size 74 x 105 cm

Impr. 93 mil

Console KBA Ergotronic

Console KBA Colortronic

Automatic washers for blanket Cylinders

Automatic Inking Roller Washes

Semi-Automatic Plate Change

Pre connected to CIP3

VariDamp Dampening with Baldwin central refrigeration system

Suction tape feeder, electronic double Sheet & side lay Detector

Chromed Impression Cylinders

Steel Plate in feeder and delivery

Sheet Decurler, Static Eliminator

Coating unit with "Chambered Doctor Blade" (TRESU)

Extended Delivery ALV1

IR/TL Dryer Grafix

Powder Spryer Grafix

Central Air Cabinet Becker


ModelKBA Rapida 105-4+L Universal PWVA
Stock Number0041